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at the Wilmington Island Club

Enjoy the premiere Savannah tennis experience.

We offer private and group lessons for men, women and children at all skill levels. Nothing will improve your game faster than a lesson from one of our pros and there is a lesson for every budget.

Please visit The Wilmington Islands Club Tennis website at for updated events.

Wilmington Island Club Tennis Camp

It's never been more affordable!

1 Hour Private Lesson (member)                     $60
30 Minute Private Lesson                                 $30
1 Hour Private Lesson (non-member)              $70
Clinics*                                                             $15-$20* 

* Clinics last a minimum of one hour and usually go well beyond. Pricing depends on the number of people participating. Clinics are such a great way to get involved. Besides being a great working, you meet other tennis players at your skill level. Participants usually end up hitting together immediately after a clinic. Come see for yourself.

Call (912) 898-0332 or visit

Wilmington Island Club Tennis Pro
Amy Bradley, Elite Professional, Director of Tennis, USPTA, P-1 Rating, Prince Advisory Staff


Members and their families enjoy club privileges with the exception of golf.

  • Standard Tennis Membership
  • Standard Senior Tennis Membership

Privileges include:

  • Clubhouse, tennis facilities, swimming facilities, and fitness center
  • A full calendar of tennis and social events
  • Participation in weekday tennis associations, tournaments or tennis events
Wilmington Island Club Tennis Team

Lessons & Camps

Private Tennis Lessons: There are lots of reasons to get a private lesson besides just taking your game to the next level.  If you are new to the Savannah Tennis, get yourself into a private lesson.  The tennis instructors really love what they do and it shows.  You can quickly get rated, and if you like introduced to other players you can hit with later.  You can also learn about the best clinics and other activities to sign up for.

Group Tennis Lessons or "Clinics": Clinics usually involve anywhere from 3 to 10 players around the same skill level.  Why you don't necessarily get all the one-on-one attention of a private lesson, a clinic lasts longer so you get more tennis overall.  Also, because you are sharing the cost across a number of people, a clinic is a bit more affordable.

Camps: Send your kids to tennis camp this summer.  They will remember if for life and make new friendships that will last well beyond the summer break.

Lollipop Camp (6 and under)
Junior Camp (7-12 yrs old)

Please call the Proshop at (912) 897-0332 or visit to reserve your child's spot!

Wilmington Island Club Tennis Junior Camp